Xiao Ya Tou [ 小丫头 ] translates to little imp or rebel.

Standing out amongst the bustling nightlife of Duxton Hill, Xiao Ya Tou is a restaurant bar serving up modern Asian cuisine with a naughty touch. The fun begins right at the doorsteps - walk through an array of lanterns and be greeted by the sights and sounds of Asian nostalgia. Through the imaginative minds of the team behind Xiao Ya Tou, old Duxton Hill is reimagined as a dreamy little girl who smokes a pipe. Kitsch, cheeky and a little naughty - Duxton's own past with brothels and opium dens is more than just an inspiration here. Like the eponymous Ya Tou (little imp), diners come to Xiao Ya Tou to eat, drink and be merry!